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Hi, I'm Kennedy and I'm from the USA. In my bachelor's degree, I studied theater studies and art administration. I am currently taking part in the parliamentary sponsorship program in Germany and am busy learning German. I've always loved drawing and art and I know I would have loved the kids drawing school site as a kid. That's why I'm very happy to be part of the children's drawing school team and to create coloring pictures, drawing instructions and more for you!

Best wishes

Kennedy Jones

Amalinda Post Profilbild

Hello everybody! I am Amalinda. I work at Bosch in the automotive sector as a group leader and an expert in system development for software-intensive systems (these are lots of small computers in the car that, for example, turn on the lights when it gets dark, warn your parents if they should lose their track, Controlling the radio and navigation system, ...).

I am married and have two boys, the older of whom was not able to go to school because of Corona, and the smaller one could not go to kindergarten because of Corona. We have never tinkered as much as we did during Corona times :) This is another reason why I thought Sarah's idea with the children's drawing school was great. My boys especially like dragons and dinosaurs.

I've always enjoyed drawing. You will mainly get coloring pictures and painting-by-numbers from me. I hope you enjoy it!

Have fun drawing and stay healthy!

Kristin Schuhegger Profilbild

My name is Claudia and I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Together with my son, I live in the Allgäu and in our spare time we enjoy the beautiful nature here. One of my favorite hobbies is sports, mainly martial arts in the form of boxing and Thai boxing. We also have two young cats, because my son and I also like animals. I hope you like the pictures from me. You can find more about my work on my page.


Have fun browsing, painting and drawing.

Claudia Mueller

I am Kristin. I'm Sarah's mom and I'm happy to be able to support Sarah in her wonderful project Kinder Art School with my handletterings. Ever since I learned to write in first grade, I've loved getting involved with hand lettering. When I was bored in school, I would spend the time embellishing my handwriting. At some point I discovered calligraphy for myself and started writing poems in beautiful handwriting for all kinds of occasions, like birthdays and weddings. I love to mess with letters by composing different font styles, sizes, thicknesses, etc. to create letterings. 

Have fun coloring! 

Kristin Schuhegger


Hello my Name Is Laura. I'm from Ireland and have been living in Berlin with my partner and my little fat black cat for 5 years. I currently work as a Human Resources Manager at a coffee company called Five Elephant. I have loved to draw and paint since I was a little girl. That's why I'm very happy to take part in the children's drawing school to inspire other children to draw and paint.  

Have fun drawing!

Laura Keating


I'm Xueyue and I draw everything I can see and touch. I love creating thoughts with lines and conveying emotions with colors. I want to reach more people with art and show how beautiful the art world of imagination is. In my free time I'm also a hip-hop dancer, hobby photographer and always reading. I also love science and will probably study molecular biotechnology soon.
I hope you also understand my language of art and on this site we can explore the magical world of adventure and fantasy together!
Xueyue Li


Hi, I'm Annika and I've always loved to paint. That's why I did my Abitur in art, among other things, and decided to study design after school. In my fashion design studies, I mainly design and draw clothes, but I can also be enthusiastic about everything else artistic and creative. Therefore, I am very happy to be part of the illustrator team and I hope to be able to inspire other children to draw and paint with my templates and instructions.


Hi, I'm Anna. I love adventures, exploring the world, discovering other cultures, doing and teaching yoga and drawing. As a child I painted oil paintings with my dad and there were always all the utensils to let my creativity run wild, so I am also a freelance designer and illustrator. 

The project children's drawing school I find really great and I hope to inspire you to draw and with ease and fun to take the pencils in hand, to be free and just do it. There are no limits to creativity.


Have fun :)



P.S.: If you feel like it, feel free to check out my site (



Bianca Faltermeyer's passion is drawing and creative work. She trained as an illustrator and graphic designer at the Freie Kunstwerkstatt in Munich and then studied 2D animation at the Vancouver Film School. Bianca Faltermeyer has illustrated, among others, the adventures around the ladybug girl Perlinchen. For her latest children's book "Die kleinen Fünf und die Meifelhornmaröte" she not only illustrated the pictures, but also wrote the text. You can find more about her work on Bianca Faltermeyer's site.


Günther Jakobs has been working as an illustrator and author for more than 15 years.

His passion is picture books for children. He has illustrated many children's books, including the picture books of Pino and Lela, Urmel and Ritter Otto. You can find more about his books on his site and more drawing tutorials on his YouTube channel.


Åsa Kling Profilbild

I've been drawing almost every day for years. Preferably landscapes, architecture and what comes my way every day: my family, my friends, kitchen appliances or whatever is on my desk at the moment. But no matter what you draw - the most important thing is to start. 

Have fun drawing!
Asa Kling

Sergio Rojas Sanz Profilbild

I'm Sergio, a professional music therapist, musician and passionate artist. In my everyday life, I accompany people of all ages with and through music. Working with children and their personal development is particularly important to me.


Drawing has always been my favorite thing, I remember starting with faces, cars and little cartoon characters. I was happy sometimes to get suggestions and to understand which steps led to the picture, which often inspired my creativity.


I was very happy about Sarah's impulse to share drawing instructions and this also made me want to make some available. 

These special times also bring a lot of creativity and show how solidarity and imaginative we can deal with each other, and that it can even bring a lot of joy!


Have fun drawing!


Sergio Rojas Sanz

Greta Haselmann Profilbild


My name is Greta. Like the rest of the team, I've been drawing since I was little and find a balance in it besides everyday life. Especially when there's a lot going on, it's sometimes good to sit down in peace, turn on some music or an audiobook and let my hands do the work. In general, I like everything creative from drawing, painting, and crafting to writing stories.


I have four little nieces whom I always enjoy sitting with and coloring books. Sometimes I also draw them something and they color. I always find it exciting to hear what they want next. Sometimes it's something simple like a horse and sometimes it's a very detailed and specific order.


I hope you have fun with the coloring pictures!
Greta Haselmann 


PS: If you feel like it, feel free to check out my website:


I'm Sarah, I've loved drawing for as long as I can remember. As a child, I especially enjoyed seeing how I got better and that the objects or people I drew looked similar to reality. After school I was especially fascinated by drawing comics because you can be super creative, there is no right and no wrong and you are always better than the camera. I love drawing and crafting with my little cousins, who also sometimes test and try out coloring patterns for the kids drawing school. For the children's drawing school, I prefer to create coloring templates for coloring and drawing tutorials for learning to draw. I hope you have fun coloring and drawing! 


Sarah Schuhegger



Team members from  Zalando's "Private Labels Womenswear Design" group created coloring templates for the site in a voluntary workshop together with the children's drawing school. Special thanks go to the dedicated artists at Zalando: 

Vivien Fischer

Markus Breitsameter

Cassandra Louise Atcherley 
Goekce Goektas

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